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macOS Partner Compliance Management and the impact to BYOD enrolment in Microsoft Intune

Updated: Apr 21

For customers who have enabled Partner Compliance Management in Microsoft Intune, something to be aware of is that it can stop BYOD enrolment into Microsoft Intune for macOS devices.

Note: This blog post assumes you require BYOD enrolment into Microsoft Intune and have Partner Compliance Management enabled for MacOS corporate-owned devices.

When enrolling a macOS BYOD device into Microsoft Intune with Partner Compliance Management enabled, you may see the following message in the company portal app on a BYOD device attempting to enrol. For reference, this was a macOS device where PCM was configured between WorkspaceONE and Microsoft Intune.

"Your organization requires you to enrol this device with a different device management provider"

The reason for this, is that the user who is attempting to enrol has been assigned to the Partner Compliance Management connector in Microsoft Intune and Intune thinks the device should be enrolled into the third party MDM and not Intune.


First, go to Tenant Admin > Connectors and token > Partner Compliance Management

Then check the group of users who are assigned to the connector.

The group assigned to the PCM connector is only used during the enrolment process. So you could remove all users from the included group assignment and add users manually when they are enrolling their e.g. WorkspaceONE macOS corporate-owned device. Not ideal i know.

Disclaimer: please test this before removing all users from the connector by excluding one or two users first.

Alternatively you could exclude users from the PCM connector for users who want to enrol their BYOD device into Microsoft Intune.



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